Cast Nylons

One of the most widely used plastics in the world, especially as a bearing and wear material. Frequently used as replacements for bronze, brass, aluminum, steel and other metals, as well as other plastics, wood, and rubber. Cast Nylons offer extremely good wear resistance, coupled with high tensile strength and modulus of elasticity. They also have high impact resistance, a high heat distortion temperature, and resist wear, abrasion, and vibration. In addition, nylons can withstand sustained contact with a wide variety of chemicals, alkalies, dilute acids or oxidizing agents.

Another important factor, both economically and mechanically, is the relative light weight of nylon, approximately 1/8 the weight of bronze, 1/7 the weight of cast iron, and 1/2 the weight of aluminum which reduces both the inertial and static loads and eases the handling of large components during maintenance or replacement procedures.

Representative Cast Nylon Grades

MC®907, MC®901 – Cast Unfilled Nylon 6

Unmodified cast type 6 nylon offers the highest strength and hardness of the nylon 6 grades. MC907, the natural grade (off-white in color), is FDA, USDA and 3A-Dairy compliant and is primarily used for food contact parts. A heat-stabilized grade, MC901, (Blue in color) offers thermal stability to 260°F, and is used in bearing and structural applications, such as wheels, gears, and custom parts.

Nylatron® GSM – Cast Moly-Filled Nylon 6

Finely divided particles of “Moly” (molybdenum disulfide — MoS2) are dispersed evenly throughout the nylon material during polymerization. The Moly particles act as a dry lubricant to enhance nylon’s load bearing and wear capabilities while maintaining impact strength and toughness. It is most commonly used for gears, sheaves, sprockets and custom parts.

It is Dark Grey in color.

Nyloil® – Cast Oil-Filled Nylon 6

Simply put, this is a cast nylon with built-in oil lubrication. During the manufacturing process, oil lubrication is completely and evenly dispersed throughout the cast nylon, making it an integral part of the material’s structure that cannot spin out, dry out, or drain out, even under the harshest working conditions. This oil-filler reduces friction by as much as 25% at the bearing interface, and can result in longer wear life than unfilled or moly-filled cast nylons.

The standard grade is Green in color, but a natural (off-white) colored FDA & USDA approved grade is also available.

Nylatron® GSM Blue – Cast Moly- & Oil-Filled Nylon 6

This grade combines both molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) and oil for the load capability of Nylatron GSM nylon, plus improved frictional characteristics.

It excels in higher pressures and at low speeds. It is Dark Blue-Gray in color.

Nylatron® NSM – Cast Solid-Lubricant-Filled Nylon 6

This grade offers the best bearing and wear properties available. Solid lubricant additives, evenly dispersed throughout the nylon material, imparts self-lubricating, high PV, and superior wear characteristics.

This Gray colored nylon grade is ideal for larger size parts, bearings, gears, and wear pads.

Typical Properties of Cast Nylons