One Stop Solutions For Engineering Plastics

As a specialist in engineering plastics, we always make to order to provide customize solutions to meet customer required products’ specification. We provide one-stop solutions services for all kinds of engineering plastic sheets and rod form; and leading solutions in variety industrial sectors such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, food industries, medical industries etc. On top of that, we provide material in cut to size form and in free of charge at cutting service, to deliver the conveniences and easy of costing control to our valuable customers.

Product Range

Wide range of general and high performance engineering plastics and other specific category plastic materials mostly imported from all over the world.

General Plastics

Offer include reduced material and machining costs, lighter weight, improved wear resistance, shock and impact resistance to name a few.

Cast Nylons

Commonly used in mechanical parts such as machine screws, gears and other low- to medium-stress components previously cast in metal.

Solder Pallet Material

The fastest, most reliable, and inexpensive method of soldering through-hole components on circuit boards.


Low density and high strength. Resistant to corrosion in sea water, aqua regia andchlorine. Applied in medical, industrial, aerospace.

Other Categories
  • Surface Static Resistivity
  • Bearing & Wear
  • Nema Grade Fibre Reinforced Plastic
  • High Temperature
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Low Outgrassing
Specialize In Engineering Plastic Sheets & Rods For :
  • Electronic Industries
  • Semiconductor Industries
  • Automotive Industries
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical Industries
  • Automation Engineering
  • Food Industries
Sales & Service

We provides the best quality products and technical supports through the worldwide networks hoping the products best meet customers needs.

Also, we constantly work to meet customer needs by identifying product requirements.

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